Pickpocketing is major problem for flea markets and trade fairs

One of the major problems which people face when they attend trade fairs and shows is that some pickpocket will steal their purse
The problem is particularly severe for outdoor fairs in large cities like Mumbai
If the items are reasonably priced, many people shop a lot of items, so their hands are full, and they cannot keep their purse properly
They are also carrying a lot of items in the crowd so they cannot monitor their bags properly
It appears that in some areas of Mumbai, the pickpockets are well connected and have access to excellent surveillance systems
So they are able to find out who is spending more money, and they will systematically steal the purse.
Most people are putting the purse in their bag which is closed with a zipper.
Taking advantage of the crowds, the pickpockets are opening the zipper, taking the purse and closing the zipper.
The victim realizes that the purse is stolen only when they try to make their next purchase

So while going to a trade fair, especially outdoor trade fairs, without CCTV coverage, it is better to be very careful and also not carry a lot of money