Many exhibition, bazaar organizers do not advertise their event properly

Many people do not have the time and in some cases money (like the broke domain investor) to travel long distances to visit an exhibition or trade fair or bazar. However, if there is any exhibition or bazaar held in the vicinity, within walking distance of the place where they reside or go to work, they can spend some time, because sometimes they can get good deals
In large cities, there are usually very few exhibitions or bazaars compared to small towns, yet larger trade fairs are advertised on the local buses
Yet most of those organizing the bazaar are not advertising the event properly, it is usually not even advertised in the local newspaper though the local newspapers will often list events for free
Outdoor advertising is another opportunity which is missed
For example there are many bazaars held in in st inez, yet there is no outdoor advertising of the event at all.

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