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India technology week in November 2020

India technology week has 164 exhibitors.

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IoT – Internet of Things – R&D, Manufacturing Test Solution
Test and Measurement Solutions for Electronics Communication Tech manufacturing

Flicker And Proximity Detection Sensor That Can Operate Behind OLED
The TCS3701 by AMS accurately measures ambient light and enables the calculation of illuminance, chromaticity and colour temperature to manage display

Electrolube Enable Smart Homes To Become Smarter
An interesting case study describing how Electrolube assists in applications associated with Smart Homes and some key IOT solutions.

Altair PollEx – PCB Design, Analysis & Verification
Altair PollEx is the most comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools in the market for electrical, electronics and manufacturing engineers.

Mouser Electronics Developmental tool center brings evolving technologies
Find more tools from industry leading manufacturers like Adafruit, ADLINK Technology, Advantech, Analog Devices, Arduino, Cypress Semiconductor

Human Presence Detection
Customizable to detect any object: This Reference Design continuously searches for the presence of a human via a CMOS image sensor, and reports results by lighting LEDs on the board.

Ultra-Low-Power Wireless MCU That Operates By Harnessing Power From Its Surroundings
ONiO has developed the, a low-power MCU that uses energy harvesting technology and can power a range of devices

TouchFree Vending – QR code based
Enabling technology for TOUCH FREE operation of appliances such as vending machines. The machine displays a QR code.

Synchronised Security
Protect your corporate data from attacks! Get a award winning solution which is in the Gartner’s leaders quadrant for most of its solutions.

Through Face – Touch-less Facial Attendance System
Welcome to the Next-Gen Technology of Touch-less Face Attendance to capture and recognize the face of an employee

WiFi/BT based IoT Smart Lighting Solution
Smart Lighting solution is End to End IoT solution included Embedded, Connectivity, Cloud & Mobile Application support

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Texas Hemp Convention-2020

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