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Garments, shoes, Home decor shopping expo in Bhandup West, Mumbai

Garments, shoes, Home decor shopping expo in Bhandup West, Mumbai in October
Harmoney Banquet Hall, Tank Road, Bhandup W, Mumbai
Time: 10 am to 8 pm
All credit and debit cards accepted
Garments, shoes, Home decor from following brands (from flyer supplied, published free)
Pepe Jeans, Wrangler,Numero Uno, Westside, United colors of Benetton, Puma, John Miller,Rangriti, W, Mothercare , Madame
T-shirt, Lower, Half pant, Cotton, Premium shirt, linen shirt, formal pant, jeans, blazar
Woman’s wear
T-shirt, Tops, Capru, Plazo, Lower salwar, long top, kurti, jeans, jegging, dresses, denim jackets, denim shorts, gowns, swimming costumes,frocks, chinos

Please note that this is published free for information only.
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