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Ganpati chauthi fair in Panaji

Every year during Ganesh chathurthi there is a fair in panaji along D.B. Marg
This year also the fair was held in August and September
Since the powerful lovers of school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina chandan like parekh, nikhil sha, are harassing all the shopkeepers in panaji, goa who are dealing with the domain investor, she is forced to do a lot of her shopping at the various fairs and exhibitions
The main problem is that the quality of the fabrics and clothes is not guaranteed
The domain investor purchased some nighties at one fair, and found that all the color was leaking and could not be fixed using a color fixer. So these 3-4 nighties are all wasted
Hence for all these fairs, first only one set of clothes has to be purchased, to check the fitting, color
Then if it is fitting properly, more clothes have to be purchased, and if it is not fitting properly, other brands have to be considered
hence repeat trips have to be made to the fair to ensure that the clothes are of the right quality and size, yet the hysterical security agency employees are thinking of new stories when the domain investor leaves her home.
Finding clothes suppliers at a reasonable price, remains a major challenge for many indian women