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Many jewellery exhibitions held in Goa

With top goan government officials like mandrekar, caro, nayak, pritesh chodankar openly involved in banking, financial fraud, making fake claims about bank account ownership, many people especially small business owners in goa have very less faith in the banking system, and do not keep much money in the bank.
Many people appear to be investing their money in gold and jewellery

So many jewellers from all over India are holding their jewelry exhibitions in goa regularly because it appears that they are getting a good response from locals interested in purchasing gold.
The locals may not be interested in purchasing from established jewelry stores in goa, because the purchase is more likely to be reported to local government agencies.

Most of these exhibitions are held in posh hotels in panaji, margao
Compared to Mumbai, where almost no jewelry exhibitions are held, far more exhibitions are held in goa

Exhibition organizers

The companies which organize these consumer trade fairs like Kharedi Yatra are fairly large and hold these consumer fairs in all major towns in Goa . Usually after every 3 months, they will hold the fair in the same town.

For those who cannot afford to spend so much, the other option is to take a hall on rent for a limited period of time. In panaji, due to the low population, there are many shops which are closed, as there are few who can afford to pay the rent. So some shop owners are holding exhibitions

There are some organizations which are offering the hall on rent for Rs 500 a day in panaji, goa which is centrally located and close to the government offices. However the hall should be booked for a minimum duration of 5 days.