Some garment stores are using exhibitions to get rid of their unsold stock

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The hysterical google, tata, cbi employees making fake black money allegations against the domain investor without any proof since 2010, are monitoring the daily expenses and then criminally defaming the domain investor, they do not realize that the domain investor often saves money for a few months, so that she can purchase clothes at discounted prices in exhibitions

For example some of the stores in panaji, do not have any clothes, especially kurtis which are costing less than Rs 700 each
On the other hand, at some of exhibitions at the popular exhibitions venues in panaji, some of the stores are selling their clothes for Rs 500 or less. The sellers are saying that they want to get rid of their stock and get the latest fashion clothes, so they are selling at low prices
So at the exhibition it is possible to get 4 kurtis for Rs 1700-1900

Hence in months when the exhibition is not held, the money is saved so that it can be used for purchasing bulk cheap clothes in exhibitions in panaji