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Good deals at weekly flea market

One of the main disadvantages of living in goa, is that many items are extremely expensive compared to metro cities like Mumbai . Additionally the local intelligence and security agencies are also extremely ruthless in blocking the payment and stealing the orders of harmless hardworking small online business owners, so their income is lower, while in Mumbai, the security agencies have other more important work and do not harass, cheat small business owners

So while visiting Mumbai, the domain investor checked the weekly flea market in the area where she was living, and was surprised to find that the prices of many items were far lower than the prices in goa.
Some of the cheap items were
– Plastic pail costing Rs 10, in goa, they cost Rs 20 onwards
– Pots cost Rs 20-30, goa price rs 40 onwards
– Cloth duster – Rs 10, goa price Rs 20
– Steel utensils rs 20, goa price Rs 40
– Dress material, Rs 200, goa price Rs 350
– Incense sticks, rs 4 , goa price Rs 10

So a person can make a profit, or save money, just by purchasing items when they visit Mumbai. This is useful for the domain investor, who finds that she is unable to make much money , however hard she tries because of the google, tata masterminded sex, bribery racket with shameless shivalli brahmin brahmin cheaters hathwar, kondancha stealing the orders so that their lazy fraud relative nayanshree hathwar gets a R&AW salary without doing any work, without spending any money online.,