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Large number of garment, jewellery exhibitions in posh areas

In December, a large number of garment, jewellery exhibitions in posh areas of Mumbai were advertised in the Bombay times supplement of Times of India. Some of the sellers were from Jaipur and other places in north india. In comparison there are almost no exhibitions in some of the central suburbs, or these exhibitions are not advertised extensively in the newspaper or elsewhere.

Many people do not have the time to travel long distances to these exhibition, though they may be interested in purchasing clothes and other items

Looking for a partners for holding exhibition in panaji, goa

Domain investor is looking for a partner for holding an exhibition in panaji, goa
She can arrange for a place in panaji,for the exhibition, she is looking for someone who is also interested in selling their products, so that expenses and responsibilities can be shared.
The space is available for a period of a minimum of 5 days
Tables, chair and a cupboard are provided
Space is available at a prime location in panaji, close to government offices.
Rates are far lower than other spaces, approximately Rs 1500 will have to be paid.
If interested please send an email to