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Panaji fair in 2018 was poorly managed and organized

On 8 December every year, panaji celebrates the feast of mary immaculate conception, it is the main church of panaji, and there is usually a fair every year. Usually the fair is held near the main panaji church, however it causes traffic jams.

So in 2018, the CCP decided to hold the fair at Campal Parade Grounds, which are some distance away from the main city
however it was poorly organized, the organizers did not even level the ground , it was like going for a trekking expedition
The stall vendors were forced to use their own tarpaulin for leveling the floor

The domain investor had visited the ground on 8 December 2018 at around 4.30 p.m, which officially the first day of the fair.
Though there were some bargains, many of the vendors had not set up their stalls, when the domain investor visited the stalls

Most of the people were visiting the stalls mainly after 6 pm