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G Fair Korea 2021

Industrial Supplies & Building Materials & Building Materials
About G Fair Korea 2021-
Virtual Korea Sourcing Fair In India
G Fair Korea is one of the largest Korea Sourcing fairs that focuses on display of plethora of products and help grow businesses that bring on board the best of innovation and technology. The Korean SME expo considering the restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19 pandemic will be organized as Virtual Korea Sourcing Fair (G Fair) in April, 2021.
Beauty & Wellness
Consumer & Food Products
Electrical & Electronics

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Hunaar Haat featuring craftsmen held in Panaji, goa

Hunaar Haat which showcased artists and craftsmen from all over India was held at Kala Academy from 26 March – April 4 , 2021
The trade fair was promoted extensively in the media and using outdoor advertising
It had a large number of craftsmen from different states in India
It was organized by the department of minority affairs.
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