Cheap items for sale at the Ganpati fair along the Mandovi riverbank

Every year, there is a fair held along the Mandovi riverbank at the time of ganesh chathurti. Compared to the fair in 2017, in 2018, there are more cheap items for sale at the fair. The section from campal till panaji market has furniture stalls which have different types of furniture, which is usually expensive. However the section from panaji market till menezes braganza hall, has a large number of stalls selling items at an affordable rate
Some of the prices are
Leggings for Rs 100, Rs 150
Nighties for Rs 150
Kurtis for Rs 150
Dress material set ,Rs 350
Shovels, hardware – Rs 60
Buckets – rs 60
Pots , large size , Rs 60
bags – Rs 120

So the visiting the fair is a good option for those with a limited budget, like the broke domain investor, who is subjected to identity theft, financial fraud by the indian government and various state governments like goa, Madhya pradesh, karnataka