India Electronics Week 2024 – mailer republished

India’s #1 event for R&D and New Product Development teams.

31 January – 2 February 2024
KTPO Whitefield, Bangalore, India

Electronics Week 2024 event. Along with 9 conference tracks, the event features 100+ brands exhibiting at the show.

India Electronics Week (IEW) is co-located with multiple shows and conferences together at one place. Hence, the highlights of each of these shows add up to create highlights of IEW.
India’s #1 Electronics & Embedded Systems Conference: Experience India’s best speakers on electronics, IOT, AI/ML, security and embedded systems at IEW
An award-winning IOT Event: The 2016 edition of was voted as the world’s #1 IOT event. Experience its latest edition at IEW this year.
smartBHARAT: Bharat has its own set of unique needs for its citizens to benefit from a smart nation. What are these needs? How large are their opportunities? What’s holding us back? Who’s there to help? What needs to be done–to tap this mega opportunity?
Embedded India: Simply put, it’s India’s only tech conference-plus-expo focused on Embedded Systems. It caters to developers of embedded systems solutions by empowering them with latest tech and best practices to develop innovative solutions using cutting edge tech and out-of-the-box planning.
To give you a taste of the dialogue that happens at the event, here are our first set of 50 confirmed speakers for the conferences at IEW 2024:
Sreevatsa D B, Senior Director and Head of OnDevice AI Team, Samsung R&D
Dr. Dipak S. Gade, Global Head – IoT and Manufacturing Operations Management practice, Cyient India Limited
Nikhil Maheshwari, Vice President, Hindware Home Innovation Limited
N Kishor Narang, Mentor & Principal Design Architect, Narnix Technolabs Pvt. Ltd.
S.A.Srinivasa Moorthy, Director – D4X Technologies Private Limited, Chennai
Anuj Sharma, Lead Scientist (Electronics & Embedded Product Development), Anusandhan Technologies
Neel Gala, Co-Founder & CTO, InCore Semiconductors
David Bergman, VP International Relations, IPC
Krishnamurthy Rajesh, Director, GreyOrange
Sharmistha Chatterjee, Senior Vice President Advanced Analytics, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Christophe Bureau, co-Founder and CEO, #dot:dot
Dr. Adarsh Kodhanda, Founder & CEO, Aigen Labs LLP
Kunal Ghosh, Director, VLSI SYSTEM DESIGN
Naveen Gopalakrishna, CTO, Bharat Pi
Pallav Aggarwal, Founder & Director, CAPUF Embedded Private Limited
Vishweshwar Hegde, Managing Director, EtherSys
Arvind Prasad, Founder Director at Vortexa Technology Advisors
Dr. Vamsi Mohan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Huber
Abhas Abhinav, hacker-in-charge, Mostly Harmless & DeepRoot GNU/Linux
Subrata Patra, Managing Partner, IdeaCapital Ventures
Lalit Mohan Chandra Bhatt, CTO, Entytle, Tech Advisor @ Farm(X)
Panduranga Rohith Dacharla, Co founder, PAROVA Drone Technologies
Sundara Nagarajan, Managing Director, Innovation Scaleup Advisors Private Limited
Avirup Basu, Technical Lead – IoT, P360
Vijay Bolloju, Founder, GyanTrek Freelance Network
Dr. Vinutha Srikanth, Senior Manager, Mobility, Reliance Industries New Energy
Rahul Shah, Founder, CEO, Dignifiedme Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ankit Sharma, Leader Security Engineer, Cloud & Compute, Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd
Harshil Soni, Sr. engineer, SLS
Gaurab Patra, Founder, Intelekt AI
Chandrashekhar Reddy C, Vice President – Product Development Healthcare, smartek21 Pvt. Ltd.
Bharath, Competency Development Lead, LTTS
Aditya Chouhan, Engineering Manager, Encora Inc.
Padala Raveendra Reddy, Software Senior Principal Engineer, Dell Technologies
Badri Krishnan KN, Group Product Manager, Rently Software Development Private Limited
Anisha Udayakumar, AI Software Evangelist, Intel
Bharath Sridhar, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting Germany
Shree Kumar, Senior Systems Architect, Innominds
Pesala Geetha Sai Lakshmi, IoT senior hardware design engineer, Creative synergies PVT LTD
Balaji D Loganathan, Founder, SeeWise.AI
Rushabh Champaneri, Founder & Managing Director, IOTTIVE PRIVATE LIMITED
Satya Kesav Gundabathula, Machine Learning Engineer, Google LLC
Biju Nair, Founding Partner Legalitech, Open Invention Network, LOT Network, Mentor German Accelerator
Ashwini Kumar Sinha, Expert, EFY Labs
Virendra Kumar Chaudhary, Senior Solution Architect, WESCO Distribution
Akshita Agrawal, LegaliTech
Rahul U, Security Analyst, Deep Armor
Tarandeep Singh, Software Engineer, Salesforce
Naina Bharadwaj, International Business Advisor, Dezan Shira & Associates
Vimal Kumar R N, Sr Hardware Engineer, Quin Design
Saurabh Mishra, Engineer, Humantech Solutions India Pvt. Ltd
These are the tracks that our conferences focus on:
India: The Global Hub of Electronics Engineering (R&D Leaders & Experts)
Digital Transformation of Industry & Utilities
Developing Embedded Systems for the Future
Electronics & AIOT: Startups & Business Growth Opportunities
Mobility & Vehicle Embedded Systems (MOVES)
Designing Electronics Hardware for the Future
Electronics & AIOT: Upskilling to Meet Global Needs
Innovations in Electronics Manufacturing
Securing Embedded Systems for the Future
Due to limited seating available at the event, we have very limited conference passes available. Booking in advance is recommended.



Online Registration link:
Pass pricing, benefits and other details are available at
Bulk discounts: 5-10 passes will get 25% discount, 11-15 passes will get 30% discount, 16+ passes will get 40% discount


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