Selling at trade fairs, exhibitions

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Exhibition organizers

The companies which organize these consumer trade fairs like Kharedi Yatra are fairly large and hold these consumer fairs in all major towns in Goa . Usually after every 3 months, they will hold the fair in the same town.

For those who cannot afford to spend so much, the other option is to take a hall on rent for a limited period of time. In panaji, due to the low population, there are many shops which are closed, as there are few who can afford to pay the rent. So some shop owners are holding exhibitions

There are some organizations which are offering the hall on rent for Rs 500 a day in panaji, goa which is centrally located and close to the government offices. However the hall should be booked for a minimum duration of 5 days.

Shopkeepers are often harassed by intelligence, security agencies, so exhibitions are doing good business

The local security and intelligence agencies are often harassing the shopkeepers in an area, telling them to extort money or create other problems for some customers.

These targetted customers are aware of the fact that they are discriminated against, and will often refuse to pay the higher price which is being demanded from them., as they are already broke.

So these customers will often prefer to visit trade fairs and exhibitions , because the local intelligence and security agencies will not target the exhibitors and they will get a better price. The exhibition is for 3 to 5 days only , so the local security agencies do not take the effort, as it is not worth spending so much time, taking the risk,

Exhibition venues in Panaji, Goa

For example in Panaji, there are some trade shows mainly targetted at business visitors which are held at Bambolim, which cannot be reached conveniently for those who do not have a vehicle.

On the other hand, many of the trade fairs targetting consumers are held at Don Bosco in Panaji city, close to market, which is very accessible. These trade fairs are also advertised extensively in the local newspaper.

However the rates for the trade show are fairly high, with one booth costing Rs 11000- Rs 12000 for 5-6 days, approximately Rs 2000 a day. So the seller has to make a profit of more than Rs 2000 daily from the show to cover expenses.

Trade fair, consumer exhibitions in small towns

There are a number of trade fairs which are organized in towns and large cities. However there is more demand for trade fairs in small towns compared to large cities, as there are many shops in large cities.

Small towns usually have a relatively smaller population, which has a far lower purchasing power than those living in metro cities, as salaries are also lower in small towns for the same companies or organizations.

Hence it is often not viable to open a business selling items which are in low demand and it is better to sell these items in trade fairs. The cost of organizing a trade fair depends on advertising, promotion and rental charges

Trade fairs ideal for smaller business owners

A huge amount of indian tax payer money is wasted by corrupt top officials to cause financial losses, stealing all leads, orders, threatening local business owners, blocking payment, closing the account on various websites in an attempt to reduce the income to zero and force the small business owner to agree to identity theft, give up his or her resume to the relatives and friends of top officials.

In such cases, one of the only opportunities for making money for the small business owner is selling items at trade fairs, exhibitions. These are usually not very closely monitored, especially if they are held for a shorter duration of time, like a few days .

Earlier people could sell online without registration, however now GST registration is required for most portals like Amazon.

Theft of leads and orders, blocking of payment for small business owners

Like the intelligence agencies of israel’s enemies, indian intelligence agencies are not ranked very highly worldwide because they are using all their resources to destroy the life of indian citizens, instead of focussing on the enemy countries. As the blogger Amit Varma commented in his article in Times of India, in 2017, the indian government is as oppressive as the british who ruled india before 1947 and far more powerful than the british in suppressing indian citizens, especially those who are whistleblowers and protest against corruption, nepotism.

When the british ruled india, the technology and gadgets available were extremely primitive, however in 2017, the indian government has many gadgets and sophisticated systems at its disposal which are used to target the so called trouble makers in India. Taking advantage of the extremely poor systems in Indian intelligence and security agencies, large corporates allegedly google, tata are bribing top officials to abuse their powers and destroy the life of potential business rivals, cause great financial losses, putting the target, usually a small business owner under intense surveillance.

The official reason for surveillance is that the small business owner is a security threat, however the real reason for the surveillance is to steal the orders, block the payment. The stolen orders are then diverted to the associates of the officials , so direct selling at trade fairs and exhibitions is the most effective way of getting orders.