I Had Four Tree Stumps Removed

When we purchased our home a couple of years ago, it did not bother us that there were tree stumps in the back yard. We have no kids or pets, and we do not host a lot of parties, so we knew that the stumps would not be in the way of any activity in the back yard. However, since moving in, we have noticed that some insects have made the stumps their homes. Knowing that this could problems for us the longer the stumps were there, we inquired about a company that does stump removal in Asheville NC.

We had no idea how to remove it ourselves, so we decided to let professionals handle the job. Since we had never hired a tree company in this area, I asked my neighbor who had recently had some trees cut down. I wanted to know if she was pleased with the work the tree removal company had done as well as the price they had charged her. I was not asking for extreme details like the price she paid but rather if she was pleased with what she ended up paying. She told me what she paid anyway, and I was surprised because I thought it would be a lot higher.

She gave me the contact information for the tree removal company, and I contacted them to see if they could take out the stumps in our back yard. We had four of them that we wanted removed, and this tree company came out to give us a free estimate. I was happy with the quote, so I scheduled the removal of the stumps. Now that they are gone, it actually is more pleasant to sit in the backyard because I was able to expand on my landscaping without the tree trunks being there to get in the way of that.