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Small exhibitions resume in panaji, goa

From July 1, 2021 , small exhibitions have resumed at Menezes Braganza hall, near Azad Maidan, Panaji
The covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected the local economy
The exhibitors are selling clothes for women , imitation jewelry and some food items
3-4 women are sharing the exhibition space.
Some of the clothes are very reasonably priced with nighties costing Rs 200, Rs 300 making it a good deal for buyers who do not wish to pay more .
This is posted free of cost, other interested in promoting their exhibition can send an email to
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I Had Four Tree Stumps Removed

When we purchased our home a couple of years ago, it did not bother us that there were tree stumps in the back yard. We have no kids or pets, and we do not host a lot of parties, so we knew that the stumps would not be in the way of any activity in the back yard. However, since moving in, we have noticed that some insects have made the stumps their homes. Knowing that this could problems for us the longer the stumps were there, we inquired about a company that does stump removal in Asheville NC.

We had no idea how to remove it ourselves, so we decided to let professionals handle the job. Since we had never hired a tree company in this area, I asked my neighbor who had recently had some trees cut down. I wanted to know if she was pleased with the work the tree removal company had done as well as the price they had charged her. I was not asking for extreme details like the price she paid but rather if she was pleased with what she ended up paying. She told me what she paid anyway, and I was surprised because I thought it would be a lot higher.

She gave me the contact information for the tree removal company, and I contacted them to see if they could take out the stumps in our back yard. We had four of them that we wanted removed, and this tree company came out to give us a free estimate. I was happy with the quote, so I scheduled the removal of the stumps. Now that they are gone, it actually is more pleasant to sit in the backyard because I was able to expand on my landscaping without the tree trunks being there to get in the way of that.

I Have Been Looking for a Job

Of course I am not looking for just any job, since I figure that I have had enough of the sort of jobs which simply do not pay enough for me to live any sort of life. When you are making minimum wage working in a kitchen or in a retail store, there just is not enough money for you to live the American Dream. I got an offer from this place that provides hydro jetting services in NJ and at first I did not think that I was really interested until I realized that it did pay fairly well. Of course when you start out the pay is not that good when you realize that you are in the business of cleaning out sewer lines, and there is not any way that you can sugar coat that. It is simply a very nasty business. However once they have taught you what you are doing, there is a good chance that you can make decent money.

I was thinking about how you probably need to learn how to drive the big trucks that they have to use in this business. My thoughts were that once you had done this, then you could go and learn how to drive a bigger truck and that is a much bigger pay day as well. Of course I am still going to keep looking for a good job, because there are jobs as good or better than this one out there. If this turns out to be the best thing that I can find I suppose that is how it is going to be, but for the moment I do not see the point in settling right off. You can do that in the last resort. I would love to find something where there was the opportunity to advance.

No exhibitions in June due to lockdown

Though the lockdown has been lifted partially, in most states of India there are many restrictions.
So there were almost no exhibitions in June advertised in the newspapers
The book fair in panaji was also closed . There are some online exhibitions,
Due to internet connectivity problems, it is usually tedious visiting these online exhibitions
The lockdown has also affected travel overseas.

It is Easy to Install New Flooring

When my wife told me that she wanted new flooring in the kitchen, I was surprised at the estimate I was given by a flooring company. I just wanted a simple vinyl flooring put in for her, but the cost was more than I thought I could afford. I did not give up hope though because I knew that she really wanted to have this flooring. I couldn’t blame her, as the old flooring was marked up a good bit and just did not look that good. I decided to see if I could put the flooring in myself.

I am not the kind of person who takes on do it yourself projects because I just have never had the time nor the inclination to do it on my own. It was just easier to hire someone if something needed to be done. I felt that I had the right skills to handle putting a new floor in, so I was excited once I priced the actual flooring at a local home improvement store. Before purchasing it, I went online to see if I could find a video or website that would explain how to put it in on my own.

I found a website that had extremely easy instructions along with pictures and videos that would help me with what I needed to do. It started out by explaining the tools that I would need as well as what all I would need to buy. I did end up having to buy a few inexpensive tools to get started, but I still saved a good chunk of money by following the instructions on the do it yourself website. The floor was easy to install, and my wife even helped me with it. We are thinking about doing some of the other rooms in the house now that we know how easy it is to install new flooring!

We Are Committed to Offer Sustainable Hvac Solutions in New York

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G Fair Korea 2021

Industrial Supplies & Building Materials & Building Materials
About G Fair Korea 2021-
Virtual Korea Sourcing Fair In India
G Fair Korea is one of the largest Korea Sourcing fairs that focuses on display of plethora of products and help grow businesses that bring on board the best of innovation and technology. The Korean SME expo considering the restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19 pandemic will be organized as Virtual Korea Sourcing Fair (G Fair) in April, 2021.
Beauty & Wellness
Consumer & Food Products
Electrical & Electronics

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For a free listing, please send email to

Hunaar Haat featuring craftsmen held in Panaji, goa

Hunaar Haat which showcased artists and craftsmen from all over India was held at Kala Academy from 26 March – April 4 , 2021
The trade fair was promoted extensively in the media and using outdoor advertising
It had a large number of craftsmen from different states in India
It was organized by the department of minority affairs.
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Holding exhibitions is a good way to get rental from prime road facing property

There are many road facing properties in panaji which are locked for months and in some cases years, with no tenants.
One of the better ways to get a tenant for the property is by holding exhibitions
The venue of the books by kilo exhibition was closed for many months
The property owner leased it for the exhibition for one month, and later it has been extended for another month.
In goa, it is difficult to get cheap stuff, so the book fair is getting a good response.
More people can pay a rental of Rs 500-700 daily for a few days, rather than paying monthly rentals