I Have Been Looking for a Job

Of course I am not looking for just any job, since I figure that I have had enough of the sort of jobs which simply do not pay enough for me to live any sort of life. When you are making minimum wage working in a kitchen or in a retail store, there just is not enough money for you to live the American Dream. I got an offer from this place that provides hydro jetting services in NJ and at first I did not think that I was really interested until I realized that it did pay fairly well. Of course when you start out the pay is not that good when you realize that you are in the business of cleaning out sewer lines, and there is not any way that you can sugar coat that. It is simply a very nasty business. However once they have taught you what you are doing, there is a good chance that you can make decent money.

I was thinking about how you probably need to learn how to drive the big trucks that they have to use in this business. My thoughts were that once you had done this, then you could go and learn how to drive a bigger truck and that is a much bigger pay day as well. Of course I am still going to keep looking for a good job, because there are jobs as good or better than this one out there. If this turns out to be the best thing that I can find I suppose that is how it is going to be, but for the moment I do not see the point in settling right off. You can do that in the last resort. I would love to find something where there was the opportunity to advance.