Better Trades with a Better App

I switched to using the Bitcoin Era app from another app that I was trading on because I find it to be simpler and more convenient. The previous app that I was using had a lot of convoluted menus and the interface wasn’t that great or responsive. In this day and age, I don’t see how some companies haven’t figured out how to design an app that can be used easily with just one hand. On top of all of that, the previous app was slow, which really was a detriment to by bitcoin trading. There were times when I would try to lock in a trade at a certain price, only for that price to be long gone.

The app from Bitcoin Era that I use now lets me just do my trading with a few taps, and I can even automate it if I don’t want to be bothered with being focused on it. It’s probably not possible to get simpler than that. Everything is quick an responsive, and the menus are easy to read, as are the visual representation of the bitcoin prices. With just a quick glance, I can easily see how well the market is doing.

Since using the new app, I’ve made a lot more money than I did on the old one, especially since my trades go through when they’re supposed to go through. There is one thing that has been happening as a result, and that is I’ve been using my phone a lot more, which results in me looking down a lot. I should probably put the trade on auto a bit more and give my phone, neck, and eyes a break from time to time. I had the same thing happen when I installed an endless runner on my phone.