FLOWEXPO China – Valve,Pipe Fittings and Flange Exhibition

Alex Ho from Guangzhou Hechuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., we are organizer of FLOWEXPO China-The 23rd China(Guangzhou) International Valve,Pipe Fittings and Flange Exhibition,Date: 10-12 May, 2021,Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex,

FLOWEXPO was founded in 1997 and hold annually in Guangzhou China. It is recognized by industry for its “Professional Exhibition, Buyers Matching, Remarkable Effect”, and it is also a brand exhibition recognized by Guangzhou Government. Our exhibition is one of the largest, most professional and most advanced technology in the fluid industry. It is an important channel for brand promotion, engineering procurement, technology procurement, supporting cooperation, user negotiation, import & export, distribution agency, OEM etc.

FLOWEXPO is positioned in providing service for water/purified water/sewage,hot water/steam,oil/natural gas/gas,air/compressed air/smoke, industrial liquid/gases/powder/mixture treatment, processing, transportation, measurement, control engineering.FLOWEXPO is not only a platform for industry exchanges and trade cooperation, but also a weather vane that has a profound impact on the development of fluid industry.

Featured Sectors:
Valve and Pipeline Exhibition Area;Pump and Motor Exhibition Area;Industrial Gas Equipment and Technology Exhibition Area;Liquefied Natural Gas, Petroleum Gas (LNG, LPG) Area;Cryogenic Equipment (Device) and Technology Exhibition Area;Instrumentation Exhibition Area;Boiler and Pressure Vessel Exhibition Area;Water Treatment Exhibition Area;Fan Exhibition Area.

2021 Preview
22,000sqm Exhibition Area
500 Exhibitors
40 Exhibiting Countries
20,000 Visitor Entries

Concurrent Events
1.”The Belt and Road” International Energy Chemical Industry and Pumps Valves Pipes Technology Summit Forum
2. 2021 Guangzhou Pump Systems Energy-saving Technology Forum
3. 2021 South China Environmental Industry Development Forum and VOCs Governance Technology Exchange Conference
4. 2021 Guangdong Gas Technology Industry Exchange Salon
5. 2021 Technology Innovation Product Awards

Feel free to contact us if any questions.

Committee Office:
Organizer: Guangzhou Hechuan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Flowexpo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 2110, Yanqiao Building, No.89 Yanling Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
Tel: +86-20-22031365
Fax: +86-20-22031359
Mobile: +86-13544544020
Email: flowexpochina@yeah.net
Contact: Alex Ho

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