Pricing strategy at consumer exhibitions

In small towns, where there are few industries, usually government employees are the best paid employees and have the most money to spend compared to small business owners and professionals . For selling at consumer fairs, there are multiple approaches which can be used.

For example one of frequent exhibitors is selling expensive handwoven sarees and other material. The sarees are costing Rs 2000 and more, so the sale of a few sarees daily can cover all the rental expenses . When plants were being sold, the minimum price quoted was Rs 150, while a person selling plants on a cart will charge Rs 100

On the other hand, some sellers prefer to have high volumes when selling at the same venue as they hope that the gross sales will lead to more profit. Some of the clothes sellers are selling night dresses for Rs 150 each, which was the lowest rate in the market at that time. Similarly some underclothes were also being sold at Rs 50, which was the lowest rate in the market.

Most people do not think twice before purchasing cheap items, especially those costing less than Rs 100, and they are definitely careful when purchasing an expensive item costing more than Rs 1000, in a small town, where income is lower.