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Shopping Utsav Lifestyle Consumer Exhibition

Shopping Utsav Lifestyle Consumer Exhibition
held in Quepem ,
Date : 28 August 2018 to second September 2018
Venue : Opp Immaculate Conception Church, Paroda, Quepem, Goa

Consumer products

Timings :
10.30 am to 8.30 pm

No entry charges

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Exhibition of affordable ladies garments in panaji, goa

Exhibition of ladies clothes in panaji, goa
At Menezes Braganza hall
Duration: 27-31 August 2018

Items sold
Ladies clothes like

The kurtis are priced at Rs 350 onwards, and are available in size 44 and less

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Exhibition and sale of gold jewellery in Panaji, Goa

Exhibition and sale of gold jewellery in Panaji, Goa
At Dukes Hall, Hotel Fidalgo, 18th June Road, Panaji, Goa
On 25-27 August 2018
From 10.30 am to 9.00 pm
Organized by Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, TBZ, Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai

7% Making charges on 22KT Hallmarked Gold Jewellery
Also get 105% in exchange of your old gold jewellery

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6th Annual Goa Hospitality Expo

6th Annual Goa Hospitality Expo
23,24, 25 August 2018
Venue: Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor stadium, Bambolim
Time 11 am to 7 pm

For resorts, hotels, casinos, restaurants, spas, salon, cafe, bakery, fast food outlet ,pub, club, shack, catering, consultancy
Free entry

Over 1000 products from indian and international companies are displayed

Organized by Media Promotions pvt, ltd.

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Fresh star gooseberry fruits available for sale in exhibitions, flea markets

Fresh star gooseberry fruits available daily in panaji, goa
Approximately 100 new fresh fruits are available daily, falling directly from the tree
Please note that they do not fall on the ground
Each gooseberry is available for Rs 1, though bulk discounts are offered
Fruit sellers , snack, pickle and jam makers and others who require star gooseberry fruits can send an email to
Dried star gooseberries and seeds can also be provided at the lowest rates

Many hospitality related trade shows in Goa

Compared to the other states of India, Goa has a large number of tourists and the liberal drinking rules, westernized culture are some of the main reasons why tourists from other states of india flock to the Goa.
So there are many hospitality related trade shows held in goa, in august 2018, there were a total of three trade shows
These shows attract exhibitors from all over India and some of the products which are sold include
– food and beverage
– food processing equipment
– home textiles, furnishing
– furniture
– housekeeping supplies
– decoration items
– uniforms and clothing for employees

Entry to these exhibitions is usually free . However they are held in a fairly remote location, which is not well connected

Cheap kurtis, nighties for sale in exhibitions in panaji

In Panaji, most of the shops are only stocking expensive clothes, and it is very difficult to get kurtis which are costing less than Rs 500 at these retail shops. There is also no guarantee that the clothes purchased from these shops are of good quality, in some cases the cotton cloth is tearing after being used few times, though the branded kurti was costing Rs 600 or more.

So now some frugal women are preferring to purchase her clothes from the exhibitions which are held at Menezes Braganza Hall in Panaji, Goa
In the past she has purchased some very good quality clothes from the exhibition at very reasonable prices , and these clothes are being used almost daily without getting torn or damaged.
Many of the kurtis are for sale for Rs 400 or less
The nighties are also available at a low price of Rs 150- Rs 160 each , and are of good quality, color fast.
However most of the exhibitors are not advertising their exhibition well, so customers have to visit the place repeatedly and check if any exhibition is being held.

Bargain deals at consumer exhibitions

One of the advantages of selling in a trade show or consumer fair, is that those selling at a low price can make a lot of money as they can tempt customers to make bulk purchases.

For example some products may not be available at the local stores, or the prices will be usually far higher, so the consumer realizes that the deal will not be available when the consumer fair ends, and he or she will often purchase enough to last for a few months, till the next consumer fair.

So those who are selling daily use items at a discounted rate, can make a lot of money if they price their product well. Tomato ketchup, Canned fish manufacturers are offering good deals, however other packaged product suppliers are not using this method for marketing

Pricing strategy at consumer exhibitions

In small towns, where there are few industries, usually government employees are the best paid employees and have the most money to spend compared to small business owners and professionals . For selling at consumer fairs, there are multiple approaches which can be used.

For example one of frequent exhibitors is selling expensive handwoven sarees and other material. The sarees are costing Rs 2000 and more, so the sale of a few sarees daily can cover all the rental expenses . When plants were being sold, the minimum price quoted was Rs 150, while a person selling plants on a cart will charge Rs 100

On the other hand, some sellers prefer to have high volumes when selling at the same venue as they hope that the gross sales will lead to more profit. Some of the clothes sellers are selling night dresses for Rs 150 each, which was the lowest rate in the market at that time. Similarly some underclothes were also being sold at Rs 50, which was the lowest rate in the market.

Most people do not think twice before purchasing cheap items, especially those costing less than Rs 100, and they are definitely careful when purchasing an expensive item costing more than Rs 1000, in a small town, where income is lower.

Many jewellery exhibitions held in Goa

With top goan government officials like mandrekar, caro, nayak, pritesh chodankar openly involved in banking, financial fraud, making fake claims about bank account ownership, many people especially small business owners in goa have very less faith in the banking system, and do not keep much money in the bank.
Many people appear to be investing their money in gold and jewellery

So many jewellers from all over India are holding their jewelry exhibitions in goa regularly because it appears that they are getting a good response from locals interested in purchasing gold.
The locals may not be interested in purchasing from established jewelry stores in goa, because the purchase is more likely to be reported to local government agencies.

Most of these exhibitions are held in posh hotels in panaji, margao
Compared to Mumbai, where almost no jewelry exhibitions are held, far more exhibitions are held in goa