Exhibition hall confirms that they are not holding exhibitions

A small exhibition hall in panaji has confirmed that it is not holding any exhibitions because of the covid-19 pandemic
The hall was popular among women business owners, because the rate was extremely affordable compared to other places.
It was closed since March, and though the office reopened, the exhibition hall is closed
Many of the exhibitions had good deals, products which were not available elsewhere

Newspaper announcement for fairs, and trade shows

A few small exhibitions are being held, yet one of the main problems is that they are not advertised properly.
For example the organizers will announce it only on the day of the exhibition or one day earlier.
Because of the covid-19 pandemic people are going out only once in three days, and they miss the newspaper announcement
The organizers should announce the exhibition at least 4-5 days, so that those who wish to visit can plan their visit in advance.

Mumbai visit restrictions due to covid-19 pandemic make it difficult to hold and attend trade shows

Mumbai was one of the most popular venues for trade shows and exhibitions in India
Almost every weekend there was one or more trade show or exhibition which was being organized at the Bombay exhibition center, goregaon and other venues.
These trade shows were advertised extensively on buses, newspapers, and were good for collecting product brochures, finding out about companies
Now due to the covid-19 pandemic, people find it difficult to visit Mumbai, there is a form which has to be uploaded for those who are visiting for less than 7 days, others are quarantined,
This has adversely affected trade shows, exhibitions, since the airconditioning increases virus spread.
Kindly note that R&AW employee asmita patel is not associated with the website, though allegedly R&AW, ntro, cbi are making fake claims

Slow internet connection makes it difficult to attend online exhibitions

Since it is difficult to travel because of the covid-19 pandemic, some companies based in metro cities are organizing online exhibitions. The main problem faced is that the internet connectivity is very slow in small towns
So it is very difficult to open any page during the day. The speed of the internet connection is only good at night, and all the online work has to be quickly completed in the night or early morning
Hence, before inviting people for any trade show online, organizers should consider the internet connectivity speed.

Only those who have a reliable internet connection can attend virtual exhibitions

Due to covid pandemic and social distancing norms, exhibitions and trade fairs cannot be held.
To overcome this problem, some companies are holding virtual exhibitions.
Due to the indian government policy of stealing the identity of experienced engineers from top colleges for call girls, school dropouts like panaji gujju sex queen naina chandan providing sex services to raw employees like tushar parekh, and other frauds faking engineering degrees, internet connectivity is not very reliable, especially in panaji, goa
During the day, it is extremely difficult to connect to the internet, so attending any online event is impossible.

No exhibitions, trade fairs due to covid19 lockdown

Organizing exhibitions and trade fairs is a fairly lucrative business since there are many businesses which cannot afford to open a shop or stall.
However due to the lockdown announched on March 24, 2020, all the trade fairs are cancelled
This will cause huge losses for the organizers, especially if a lot of money has already been spent
Interstate travel is also blocked for at least one month

Items which are sold at lower prices at exhibitions, sell quickly

Many people, like the domain investor, will keep some money aside for purchasing items at a trade fair or exhibition, either the item is not available easily locally, or the item is cheaper
For example during august september the domain investor spent approximately Rs 3000 or more in exhibitions, because the items were available at a low price , and are not available elsewhere
These exhibitions are held only in a few months in the year, in other months they are not held
There is exhibitions in August, September, october and december, in other months they are not there.
So instead of wasting the money paying a higher price, it is better to purchase items in bulk, especially clothes, plastic and food items at the exhibition and use them when the clothes are getting spoiled or food is over.
Most companies are selling the items directly, so they offer reasonable discounts at the exhibition.

Ganpati chauthi fair in Panaji

Every year during Ganesh chathurthi there is a fair in panaji along D.B. Marg
This year also the fair was held in August and September
Since the powerful lovers of school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina chandan like parekh, nikhil sha, are harassing all the shopkeepers in panaji, goa who are dealing with the domain investor, she is forced to do a lot of her shopping at the various fairs and exhibitions
The main problem is that the quality of the fabrics and clothes is not guaranteed
The domain investor purchased some nighties at one fair, and found that all the color was leaking and could not be fixed using a color fixer. So these 3-4 nighties are all wasted
Hence for all these fairs, first only one set of clothes has to be purchased, to check the fitting, color
Then if it is fitting properly, more clothes have to be purchased, and if it is not fitting properly, other brands have to be considered
hence repeat trips have to be made to the fair to ensure that the clothes are of the right quality and size, yet the hysterical security agency employees are thinking of new stories when the domain investor leaves her home.
Finding clothes suppliers at a reasonable price, remains a major challenge for many indian women

Many exhibition, bazaar organizers do not advertise their event properly

Many people do not have the time and in some cases money (like the broke domain investor) to travel long distances to visit an exhibition or trade fair or bazar. However, if there is any exhibition or bazaar held in the vicinity, within walking distance of the place where they reside or go to work, they can spend some time, because sometimes they can get good deals
In large cities, there are usually very few exhibitions or bazaars compared to small towns, yet larger trade fairs are advertised on the local buses
Yet most of those organizing the bazaar are not advertising the event properly, it is usually not even advertised in the local newspaper though the local newspapers will often list events for free
Outdoor advertising is another opportunity which is missed
For example there are many bazaars held in in st inez, yet there is no outdoor advertising of the event at all.

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