Times Back To Bachpan Carnival

Times Back To Bachpan Carnival, presented by Arkade Group, is a 2-day gadget-free family fest that aspires to make people LIVE, LAUGH and ENJOY like a child again.
Disconnecting you from the gadget world, the carnival will reconnect you with your childhood. With more than 35 exciting games, family engagement activities, food corners, eateries, performance stage and interactive zone, the event is planned exclusively to bring out the child in you.

So switch off your phones, turn off your TVs and let your laptops stay in their cases.Join us to get the latest updates on the carnival and stay ahead on the fun-filled ride back to your childhood.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled weekend with your kids & loved ones and discover a world of real happiness at Times Back to Bachpan Carnival.

Advertised extensively in the newspaper and using mailers
Event Synopsis:

Event Dates : 16 th / 17 th April, 2022

Event Timings: 4:30 pm onwards

Event Location : Goregaon E, Mumbai

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